Day 2: Roman Forum – Arch of Titus (Rome, Italy)
August 7, 2011
Day 2: Arch of Septimius Serverus in the Roman Forum (Rome, Italy)
August 7, 2011

Day 2: Roman Forum – Basilica of Constantine (Rome, Italy)

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...aka The Basilica of Maxentius

"The emperor Maxentius never saw his Basilica finished. He died on the banks of the Tiber... after the famous battle against Constantine in 312 AD. So it was Constantine who inaugurated the last and biggest of the Roman basilicas..." [via Rome Past and Present with Reconstructions by R.A. Staccioli, p.44]

(Affiliate Link) "a roof 130 feet high... The hall itself was as long as a football field, lavishly furnished with colorful inlaid marble, a gilded bronze ceiling, and statues..." (p.106-107 Rick Steves’ Rome)

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