Day 2: Trajan’s Column, Roman Forum and Victor Emmanuel Monument (Rome, Italy)
August 7, 2011
Day 2: Roman Forum – Arch of Titus (Rome, Italy)
August 7, 2011

Day 2: Santa Maria in Aracoeli (Rome, Italy)

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"This church is built on the site where Emperor Augustus (supposedly) had a premonition of the coming of Mary and Christ standing on an "alter in the sky" (ara coeli)... atop Capitol Hill... the building itself dates from Byzantine times (sixth century)... Napoleon's occupying troops used the building as a horse stable. But like Rome itself, it survived and retained its splendor." -Rick Steves

Sitting or limping around churches found in every block of Rome, you'll probably spot a beggar woman dressed in black rags from head-to-toe... cane in hand. She's old. She's hunched over. You put in your head that she may be ill or injured and you'd like to believe that but you'll probably see 100's of characters like this beggar around Rome. Read more about Beggars and Cons in Rome on

Hiking from the hotel to the Presidential Palace through Trajan's Forum and the Victor Emmanuel Monument... it's finally time for a Pocket Chair party to give our feet and legs a break!

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