Kings Canyon National Park – Grant Tree Trail
May 14, 2021
Kings Canyon National Park – General Grant Tree
May 14, 2021

Kings Canyon National Park - The Fallen Monarch Tree

QUESTION: If you only had one day at Kings Canyon, what would you do or see?

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Here to visit the Grant Tree, we follow a paved loop trail which also led us to the Gamlin Cabin and this Fallen Monarch. According to Judy Volker, "…Nobody knows when this giant fell, but ever since, it served a multitude of purposes. Native Americans used it as shelter, and from 1868 to 1870, it even served as a hotel and saloon. From 1870 to 1872, two brothers actually lived in it and in 1876, the US Cavalry used it as a stable for 32 horses… The two brothers who used to live in this tree were Franco-Canadian homesteaders Thomas and Israel Gamlin. They lived in the Fallen Monarch while they were working on their cabin."

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