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May 1, 2011
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July 16, 2011

Hiking: Wa'ahila Ridge Trail (Oahu)

QUESTION: Where do you enjoy hiking in Oahu?

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TRAIL NAME: Wa‘ahila Ridge Trail
DIFFICULTY: Moderate (not as easy as Mānoa Falls or Makapuʻu Lighthouse Trail)
LENGTH: 4.5 miles roundtrip
FEE: None
LOCATION: Wa‘ahila Ridge State Recreation Area, at the top of St. Louis Heights

Although, we didn't really hike the trail fully on this day, I was happy to scope it out for next time.

We're surrounded by tall Cook Island pines. Wild chickens everywhere.

The trail keeps you on your toes as it is transitions from climbing steps, then hiking up tentacles of tree roots... the path is covered in soft ironwood needles. We hear you have to scale a few boulders, too... my kind of trail!

Energy Boost and Natural Snacks on the Trail: You can smell the strawberry guava along the trail. They grow all year-round (especially during the summer months). They're invasive fruits so pick and eat away for sweet boost of energy.

[UPDATE] On a later visit, we finally experienced the entire Waahila Ridge Trail and took this picture where the trail intersects with Kolowalu Trail.

This ridge hike originates in Wa‘ahila Ridge State Recreation Area, in St. Louis Heights. There's usually plenty of free parking. I absolutely agree with an article that says, "One of my favorite things about this hike is that the terrain constantly changes—one minute you’re climbing down steps, the next you’re hiking up tentacles of tree roots covered in soft ironwood needles, then scaling some boulders... Don’t forget to look up—strawberry guava grows along this trail all year-round, though it’s much more prevalent during the summer months. Don’t feel bad about picking the fruits as you go—they are invasive, after all, and are a sweet boost of energy." –Honolulu Magazine

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