8-Mile Brompton Bike Ride around Mission Bay Park (San Diego, CA)
November 9, 2013
RV Park: Quail Ridge RV Park (Mayer, Arizona)
November 11, 2013
8-Mile Brompton Bike Ride around Mission Bay Park (San Diego, CA)
November 9, 2013
RV Park: Quail Ridge RV Park (Mayer, Arizona)
November 11, 2013

RV Park: Capri RV Resort (Yuma, Arizona)

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RV Day #8: Time to move from Mission Bay RV Park to Capri RV Resort. We jump on Hwy 8 East where we say goodbye to California and hello Arizona! It's only an overnight pitstop to rest before another drive from Yuma, AZ to Mayer, AZ. Here we go to RV Park #2 where we see the Mexican Border, pass through the small town of Jacumba and the Imperial Sand Dunes.


3380 S. 4th Ave, Yuma AZ, 85365

Driving Day Weather: 59°F – 84°F

What's Nearby

• Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park
• Quechan Casino and Resort
more attractions...

More Info

Website: Capri RV Resort

Distance Traveled

Arrive: Nov.10
Depart: Nov.11 (heading to Mayer, AZ)
~178 miles from San Diego, CA to Yuma, AZ

RV Lesson #2 - When to Gas Up

We saw a sign for gas but didn't see the gas station right off the highway but we exited Hwy 8 anyway. We saw additional signs that pointed in the direction of gas and ended up on the 94. Where is this gas station? The signs tricked us to drive through the town of Jacumba ending up on Old Hwy 80. We drove miles and miles with no gas station insight until the town of Jacumba. We were duped but finally filled up our RV. Also spotted a very interesting road sign that reminds drivers that smuggling is a felony. Wow!

From now on... get gas from gas stations you can easily see and is conveniently located off the highway.

PIC: Welcome to Jacumba sign

I guess we just reached a stretch of the Mexican border. We were so close to Mexico that we got a text message about Data Rates/Plans and we no longer had AT&T service. I immediately put our phones on Airport Mode.

Passing the Imperial Sand Dunes National Recreation Area. No time to stop and become an off-road enthusiast today... although an adventure of ATVs is something we'd surely participate in.

20 more miles until Yuma.

Welcome to Arizona - The Grand Canyon State Welcomes You

PIC: Welcome to Arizona sign

We've arrived but couldn't find any information about our reservation or where we're supposed to park for the night. Walked to the office area that was closed and a few residents pointed us to Jim - the Resort Host.

We will be on Site #202 at Capri RV Resort

This RV community was probably established before all these big 35-ft+ RVs were being manufactured. The lots are small. We're glad we only have a 29-ft motorhome and the Mini Cooper to park beside it.

RV Lesson #3 - Jack Pads

We didn't use jack pads when we were at Mission Bay RV Park since the grounds were concrete and level. Our terrain at Capri RV was gravel. Why we use jack pads? To protect the jacks, help stabilize and level our RV.

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