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August 31, 2017
First Time: Visit to Anna Maria Island (Anna Maria, FL)
November 10, 2017

First Visit to Cortez Beach and Longboat Key (Bradenton Beach, FL)

QUESTION: What are your favorite memories of Bradenton Beach and Longboat Key?

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First, we head furthest south on today’s coastal drive to Longboat Key where we were greeted with flocks of terns.

We heard of a popular surf spot in the Cortez Beach (Bradenton Beach, FL) area, so we went to check it out next. There was free parking near the Twin Piers. Here’s what the scene was like on this November morning.

The average water temperature this time of year ranges between 67.6°F and 73.4°F… but you also have to consider how it feels getting out of the water when the average weather is 60°F - 79°F. On this morning, it was pretty chilly and cloudy. Wetsuit-wearing surfing conditions if we were to take a dip.

Now, further north to Anna Maria Island.

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