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Off Roading to the Camaro Trail (Arizona)

Off Roading to the Camaro Trail (Arizona)
  • On March 22, 2020

A fun outing with neighbors to Nachyos Bar with a final destination to what we named the Camaro Trail (for the rusty camaro that somehow made it to that spot).


Partly Sunny in the mid-70s


Rocky parts but Easy trail


Surrounded by the Mountains

Nature Encounters:

A drove of burros (including an albino burro).

Just enough parking for everyone.


Climbing to the puka (whole in the mountain) to get a different view of the group.

There I am in 2 different spots of the mini mountain.

Bill making sure I don’t climb higher or get myself in a pickle.

With our flashlights, we carefully examined this tunnel for burros, snakes, scorpions… all clear. It was about 40-45 feet deep.

How did this Chevy Camaro even get here?

March is our desert bloom. So pretty!

Such a wonderful spot to have lunch with the backdrop of birds singing.

On our return back to the highway, we saw a drove of burros (an albino, too). Always a treat.

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