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March 20, 2013
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May 16, 2013

Explore Hawaii: Oahu Stand Up Paddling plus Snorkeling Adventure

QUESTION: Have you tried Stand Up Paddling?

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Couldn't pick a more beautiful morning for a private Stand up paddle session! Calm seas and sun kissed we head out to explore the coastline.

When snorkeling, we got to observe the where the lava flow had settled on the ocean floor.

Spotted this sea urchin. Uni (oo-nee)... what the Japanese call the edible part of the urchin... is what comes to mind when I see sea urchins. What I loved seeing on this water outing was the Ha‘uku‘uku‘ula‘ula (the Red Pencil Urchin) which aren't sharp nor poisonous. They can be in colors from pink, red to bright orange/brown.

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