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Folding Bikes on Cruise Ships: Who allows them?

Folding Bikes on Cruise Ships: Who allows them?
  • On May 16, 2013

One of many advantages of owning a folding bike… in my case a Brompton… is portability. My Question all the cruise ships out there: What’s the protocol for folding bikes aboard your cruise ship? Can I take this super-compact form of transportation on my travels… specifically, when stopped at ports to explore?


Here’s the results of my research so far:

Folding Bikes – Not Allowed

No – “May 16, 2013 — Thank you for contacting Carnival Cruise Lines. Thank you for your interest in booking a cruise vacation with us. Bicycles (this includes travel bicycles that can be folded up) are prohibited and will be disposed of prior to boarding. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you again for allowing us to be of assistance. If there is anything else we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. Sincerely, Byron Rocha, Guest Solutions Specialist”

No – “April 30, 2013 — Thank you for your email. We apologize for the delay in our response. Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean International does not allow bicycles onboard our ships. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean International. We look forward to welcoming you onboard in the near future. Sincerely, Kathy Reese, Customer Service Representative”

Yes! Folding Bikes = Port Stop Exploring.

Yes – “April 30, 2013 — Thank you for your recent email about bring your Brompton Folding Bike onboard. Yes you will be able to bring it and disembark with the bike to explore the ports. One thing: you will have to store the bike in your cabin. there is not a place that we can store it onboard. We look forward to welcoming you onboard. Sincerely, Princess Cruises, Customer Relations Specialist”

Yes – UPDATED: “May 17, 2013 — We welcome guests to bring their personal bicycles on board our ships. You must stow your bike in your stateroom, and we do not allow the bike to be riden on board the ship at any time. However, you are allowed to take your bike with you ashore while the ship is docked. Kind Regards, Shane, Holland America Line

Yes – UPDATED: “May 20, 2013 — Guests are allowed to bring bicycles onboard. They must be foldable, and stored in their staterooms. The bicycles cannot be used onboard, only ashore in ports of call. Regards, Pre-cruise Desk

Yes – UPDATED: “May 20, 2013 — You may bring a folding bicycle stored in a container no bigger than a large suitcase, but it must be stored in your stateroom and cannot be utilized onboard. Sincerely, Natalie Dick, Celebrity Cruises Captains Club”


I’ve been on the Sapphire Princess on a September Inside Passage Alaska Cruise and looks to me so far that they will continue to obtain my business making it convenient for guests with folding bikes to bring along their mode of transportation to explore at each port stop. Thank you Princess Cruises!!! Plus I will be considering a cruise on: Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and Celebrity, as well.

UPDATED: February 20, 2017 – It’s always good practice to call the cruise ships and confirm current or changes in policies.


  1. Ivan

    Thanks for doing this post. By riding your bike around ports of call, you get to experience the culture the best IMHO. A Brompton owner myself, I know that keeping it in a cabin is no problem.

  2. Tom Jones

    Thanks for doing the research on this. I too plan to travel with a folding bike. However, I have a Montague Navigator. It doesn’t look as funny when you ride it.

    • Maya

      Montague Navigator – yeah, more full size. Brompton is perfect for me because I’m only 5’2 and it fits in the back of the Mini Cooper. Enjoy your cruise!

  3. Ralf Sjaunja

    Costa Cruises also allow foldable bikes WKR

    • Maya

      Thanks for letting us know. Will have to email Costa Cruises and confirm. Don’t know much about Costa and where they go… have you been on their cruise with your folding bike? If so, where’d you go?

  4. Cliff T

    I have just been on a Princess cruise and, thanks to this website, we took folding bikes with us. We had a great time exploring around the ports we visited. We kept the bikes in our cabin and the crew were most helpful and intrigued by the bikes.
    Pacific Princess – Norway and UK August 2016.

    • Maya

      Now we have to see a picture of you guys on the Bromptons exploring! Yay…!

  5. Karen A Hill

    We had a wonderful trip with our folding tandem on Holland America last spring (2016) in the Baltic and Norway. HOWEVER, their policy has changed and they will no long allow any bikes, not even our folding Bike Fridays. My TA checked for an upcoming, but not yet booked, cruise (fortunately I’ve learned to check) and I verified on their “prohibited items list” when I did a search on the HAL website. Very sad.

    • Maya

      Good instincts. Having written this research piece back in 2013 it’s always a good idea to call the cruise line and confirm current policies. Thanks for letting us know.

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