Boating: Our Eco-Tour to See Spinner Dolphins in their Natural Habitat
November 3, 2015
Swell Life Voyage: Trying to Get a Whale of a Shot
December 12, 2015

Boating: Fresh Catch - Leatherback (lai) and Manybar Goatfish (moano)

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New to the boating community, this was only our 4th voyage out on the Swell Life. So far, we’ve only gone out on glassy mornings. It’s been days and days of wind gusts and finally they've subsided, so we jump out of our comfort zone. To slowly build our confidence we set out to conquer a few light winds and the small bumpy seas. We did pay attention to the seas on this incoming swell so, we headed not too far from shore with our fishing gear: Penn fishing poles and squid bait.

Here's a video summarizing 4 hours of our adventure catching Lai and Moano for the first time.

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