Boating: Benefits of Boat Ownership in Hawaii
October 8, 2015
Boating: Fresh Catch – Leatherback (lai) and Manybar Goatfish (moano)
November 16, 2015

Boating: Our Eco-Tour to See Spinner Dolphins in their Natural Habitat

QUESTION: Where, in your travels, did you spot your first wild dolphins?

Mention @JustWanderMaya and hashtag your photo with #JustWanderWithUs

Voyage #3 on The Swell Life

Only joining the boating community this past October. One of the main reasons we bought the boat is to enjoy meeting more dolphins (nai'a in Hawaiian) in our Hawaiian waters. The most common dolphins found here are the Hawaiian spinners, spotted (kiko), bottlenose and rough-toothed dolphins.

VIDEO: Short of this Amazing Dolphin Tour

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