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July 23, 2011
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July 28, 2011

Travel Photo Journal: Soaring the Skies in a Glider Plane (Waialua, HI)

QUESTION: Have you experienced a birds-eye view on a glider with no engine?

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"Fly the friendly skies" without an engine! Would you do it? If so, might as well try it while on vacation in Oahu. Our concierge duties and adventurous disposition, takes us to the scenic glider rides available through Honolulu Soaring. What you may see: the lush Waianae Mountains with rugged cliffs, panoramic views of Oahu’s world famous North Shore including Waimea Bay; a glimpse of the Satellite Tracking Station at Kaena Point... all depending on weather and flight length.

We rode the "Sky Surfer" FAA approved to carry two passengers in the back seat (...weight restriction dependent, of course) and the pilot.

Here's our pilot, manually positioning the glider on the runway.

If gliders don't have an engine, how do we get up to 3,000 feet or more? Towplanes! Here we have the L-19 Bird Dogs (Cessna 305).

Can you see the tow rope?

Our pilot didn't mind showing us a few maneuvers for us to feel zero gravity or some G force. Sure tickled my stomach... like a rollercoaster.

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