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July 13, 2019
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Slot Canyons, Caves and Hot Springs (Arizona)

QUESTION: Where’s your favorite places to jet ski?

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Had an impressive 2-day, back-to-back jet ski adventure with The Armstrongs exploring parts of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. I wasn't sure I'd enjoy the outdoors in our desert summer heat waves which exceeded 100°F. But wearing / bringing sun protection, having ice cold drinks in a cooler and taking an occasional dip in the water helped keep our cool. Not a sunburn or feeling of heat stroke. Enjoy a glimpse of the area we visited with the videos I've put together.

Lake Mohave

Arriving at the marina around 6:30am to beat the wind, heat of the day and the summer crowds.



Typically, you get this color by mixing blue and yellow (adding more blue for a darker hue)… so, how did this area get so “emerald?” It’s gorgeous.


Jet skiing just south of the Hoover Dam, along the Colorado River, we checked out the Arizona Hot Springs (aka Ringbolt Hot Springs). From the river, it’s a short hike through a colorful slot canyon. Another way to get there, if you don’t have a boat / kayak / jet ski would be hiking down a 3.2 mile trail from Arizona State Hwy 93. With 3-digit temperatures this July day, I understand why the trail here is closed for the season (May 15 - Sep 30).

LESSON LEARNED: Usually, we typically park the jet skis on the beach but with the dams releasing water, the currents and water levels can rise sporadically causing your ski to want to float away. If at all possible, tie the skis to a tree, find a boulder or use a sandbag / tie down anchor. Luckily, thoughtful tourists saved our skis from floating away while exploring the slot canyons.

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