Off Roading in the Hualapai Mountains (Arizona)
May 24, 2020
Purchased: 2018 Winnebago Sunstar LX 27N
July 23, 2020

Frontier Airlines Flight Experience LAS (Las Vegas) to MCO (Orlando) on July 22 2020

QUESTION: Will you be traveling during this COVID pandemic?

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The fastest, cheapest way to pick up our newly purchased 2018 Winnebago Sunstar LX at an RV dealership in Orlando was to fly. Can you believe it was only $150.20 for two people with 2 checked luggages with no carry-on to travel domestically 2,030 miles. How has travel changed for Covid-19? Was it safe?

The Scene at McCarran International Airport (LAS)

A ghost town setting.

We wore masks when nearby others.

The New Kind of Vending Machine

This vending machine is selling masks, gloves and hand sanitizer. Didn't notice pricing anywhere though. We were told we had to bring our own pocket-sized hand sanitizer and mask as a requirement to fly.

The 6-ft Social Distancing Practices

Although we weren't ask to show our faces to get our boarding passes, TSA did require we pull down our mask in order to verify our identity along with our ticket. In the TSA line, there were stickers to remind everyone to keep at a distance.

Boarding Procedures on Frontier Airlines in July 2020

Everyone in line waiting at the gate were all pretty good at keeping a distance. Before scanning your boarding pass, they checked your temperature. But once everyone entered the skybridge / jet bridge distancing started going downhill. Especially, as you entered the plane... everyone was back-to-back behind each other anxious to get to our assigned seats.

We were surprised how full the plane was... Bill having to sit elbow to elbow with a stranger. We thought the airlines were still practicing keeping your party together and spacing everyone out. Not Frontier! One has to wonder if Frontier Airlines disinfects armrests and seat belts between flights. Everyone were simply required to wear our masks for the entire 4hr+ flight or possibly get banned from flying with them in the future. It seems that our flight was 95% capacity.. just look at this picture:

Ha... ha... ha... Bill hates wearing the mask but decided to pose like this for a pic to keep things light and positive.

Frontier had no food or beverage service but you could purchase bottled water, if needed. We just had to remember to use our hand sanitizers and mask up throughout the entire flight.

All-in-all... flight went smoothly!


It’s now August 4 and we are back home-sweet-home. According to WHO the incubation period for COVID-19 “is on average 5-6 days, however can be up to 14 days.” Luckily, both of us don’t feel sick. And hopefully everyone on the flight didn't contract Covid-19. Stay safe everyone during essential travel.

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