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Off Roading in the Hualapai Mountains (Arizona)

Off Roading in the Hualapai Mountains (Arizona)
  • On May 24, 2020

Off to Kingman for a fun outing with neighbors. It’ll be our first time exploring the trails of the Hualapai Mountains.


Sunny in the mid-70s (while at home in the 90s)


Rocky, Loose Gravel and Dirt


In high-elevation cool breezes and shady forests…

Nature Encounters:

A baby cow (in the vicinity of Pine Lake)

It was ~4.5 hours and about 20 miles of trails in the great outdoors with the great company of neighbors. Discovering new trails is sure best conducted with a group who were a big help… getting over more challenging terrain; getting lost together; if minor repairs were needed; or to pull your vehicle out of a tough spot… all which were experienced on this day’s adventure.

Really need to get our hands on the spiral-bound book, “4 Wheel Drive Roads Of Mohave County, Arizona” by Luis & Paula Vega.


Until next time.

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