Travel Photo Journal: Soaring the Skies in a Glider Plane (Waialua, HI)
July 24, 2011
Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier (North Vancouver, BC)
September 19, 2012

Explore Hawaii: Take a Glider Ride Tour (Waialua, Hawaii)

QUESTION: Have you experienced a birds-eye view on a glider with no engine?

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The 1st time, I've seen a glider plane was in the Pierce Brosnan 1999 movie - The Thomas Crown Affair. Those scenes piqued my interest for the experience if I ever had the opportunity.

My uncle has mentioned that he used to fly gliders and described how peaceful it felt soaring in the air engine-less. That's right engine-less! I've been on helicopter tours but a plane with no engine that required a towplane... wow... I could only imagine that it felt like a bird in flight.

Hope you like the video... just a glimpse of what you could experience on your glider ride adventure. Special Thanks to:

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