Boating: Life in Oahu – Magical Days with Wild Locals
October 6, 2016
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January 12, 2017

Boating: First Time Snorkeling around the Underwater Pipe

QUESTION: Where are some of your memorable snorkeling spots?

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Having a cousin who grew up in Oahu (but currently lives in Washington), he showed us one of his favorite places to snorkel in West Oahu. Jumping aboard our 20-foot motorized Mako 204cc, we head out exploring for spinner dolphins and humpback whales nice and early. Early enough to allow the sun to rise and warm us all up. We arrived where the local power plant was visible from about 100 yards from the beach area. But what lies beneath... underneath the water are two giant cooling pipes that pump warm water out. The flowing water is more than strong enough send you doing underwater cartwheels but I called it the "Underwater Pipe Elevator." Here's a summary of our day's water adventure.

8:35am - We're all still in our hoodies

10:40am - Snorkeling

There's the pipe! You can slightly see the rush of warm water blowing out from the pipe.

Successful snorkeling fun!

11:00am - Whales

We’re looking for a spout, tail or the ultimate full breaching whale. Also, on the same radio frequency as the whale boat tours, we typically share whale sightings with each other.

We try to parallel the whale’s course as to not cut off their path.

An example of the whale's trail -- the footprint is a glassy, smooth circle and is a consequence of the whale's forward motion.

11:55am - Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins!

Spinner dolphins... obviously! Look at him go!

Did we spot a false killer whale or a solitary bottlenose dolphin?

Coast Guard Spotted

Another epic adventure in Oahu with family.

All smiles aboard The Swell Life!


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