Explore Hawaii: Hiking – Waianae Valley (Oahu)
January 31, 2016
Explore Hawaii: Life in Oahu – Hiking Kawa’ewa’e
April 30, 2016

Explore Hawaii: Hiking – A different way up Koko Head

QUESTION: What's your favorite hike in Oahu?

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We've accomplished hiking the Koko Head Railway Trail several times before, in the past years. It's a short but steep incline type of hike with an appropriate nickname "The Ultimate Stairmaster." A bit challenging for creaky knees with over 1,000+ steps to the top which offers scenic view for its victors.

This day, we took the more mountainous climb up to a natural arch on the crater's rim. A fun, gusty birthday hike!

Video Summary of the Hike


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