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September 2, 2009
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November 1, 2009

First Time: A Lovebird as a Pet

QUESTION: Got a Lovebird? Let's see a picture of your lovebird!

Mention @JustWanderMaya and hashtag your photo with #JustWanderWithUs

Our friends were considering a lovebird as a pet and found a local, trusted breeder. We made several visits to see the progress of their growth and to pick our new addition to the family. We were able to adopt "Woodstock (Woody)" while he was still young enough to hand-raise so we could form a special bond with him. It made Woody extremely affectionate feeding him formula, cleaning his beak and training him to poo in the sink. Woody's favorite nap spot was cuddling on our chest/neck area for his naps shortly after eating.

Woody was the lovebird with the dark markings on his upper bill.

3 Week Old Lovebird

4 Week Old Lovebird

Woodstock becoming a full-fledged bird with all his feathers. He started practicing flight but really was content perched in our hand or on our shoulders while we had our walkabouts around town.

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