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January 10, 2016
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January 31, 2016

Boating: First Time Catching Papio (Bluefin Trevally) on The Swell Life

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Swell Life Voyage #13: Whales, Dolphins and Fishing!

Fish Species

  • Omilu - Bluefin Trevally over 10 lbs.
  • Ulua - refers to Jacks that are 10 lbs. or more
  • Papio - Juvenile Bluefin Trevally less than 10 lbs.

Fish Class

Giant Trevally - can grow over 130 lbs. (world’s record holder of a 160 lbs. 7 oz. was caught in Japan by Keiki Hamasaki back in 2006.

Fishy Stats

  • Found singly or in schools patrolling reef slopes.
  • They feed on smaller fish.
  • Hunted by large Tuna and Dolphins.
  • Length - 70cm
  • Depth - 0-190m

Seafood Safety

Learn more about Ciguatera Fish Poisoning at Hawaii-Seafood.org

First Time: We've gone bottom-fishing before but on this 13th Voyage aboard the Swell Life this would be our first catch trolling. We used Rapala Fishing Lures recommended by the many locals who fish in these waters. We were stoked!

Catch and Release: Bill with our 1st catch - a small bluefin trevally papio. The guy needs to grow up.

12:15pm and only in 30-50 feet deep... not too far from shore. We're keeping this one!

Never expecting to catch anything. We weren't very prepared. Since we're new to finishing, we always text and picture messaged the more seasoned fishermen we knew whenever we caught something. Our friend.... also a catamaran captain was at the dock. With no ice, we rush back to the harbor. This papio fits nicely in the cooler.

He had the equipment to measure, weigh and fillet our papio. 7lb 23in!!! He had a sharp fillet knife and plenty ziplock bags. Of course, we shared our catch with him as we really appreciated the advice and help.


  • Leave the scaleless skin on for cooking?
  • Remove the skin before cooking?


  • Ceviche
  • Fish Tacos

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