Montezuma Castle National Monument (Camp Verde, Arizona)
November 12, 2013
RV Park: Monte Vista RV Resort (Mesa, Arizona)
November 15, 2013

Bearizona: Drive-Thru Wildlife Park (Williams, AZ)

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I’ve been looking forward to this drive-thru wildlife adventure since I caught an episode of Travel Channel’s - Trip Flip. We arrived around 2:30pm, after visiting Montezuma Castle… about an 1hr - 1hr 30min drive.


1500 E. Route 66
Williams, AZ

Distance Traveled:

94.6 miles (one-way) from Quail Ridge RV Park

More Info:

Admission: $20 + tax / adults


Wildlife park offering a drive-thru experience starring wolves, bears, bison, mountain goats & more.

We were told the animals are more active either earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon.

We killed a lot of bugs on the ~95 mile drive, so before entering we take a moment to clean the windows of the Mini.

PIC: Entrance to Bearizona Drive-thru Wildlife Park

We pay and are handed a brochure and rules of the drive. If you don’t read the rules, you’ll see signs along the drive.

PIC: Warning signs you'll find at Bearizona Drive-thru Wildlife Park

Rocky Mountain Goats

We felt like we were entering Jurassic Park. Immediately greeted by Rocky Mountain Goats at the first gate! Their thick, white coat camouflage them in snowy heights but also protect them from cold temperatures and biting winds in Alaska and the U.S. Rocky Mountains. These guys are surefooted climbers and can jump nearly 12 feet in a single bound. I really enjoy their distinct beard!

PIC: Bearizona's Rocky Mountain Goats

Quick Factoids:

  • Group = Herd
  • Females = Nannies
  • Young = Kids
  • Males = Billies
  • Average Lifespan: 9 - 12 years
  • Weight: 100 - 300lbs

(Source: National Geographic)

PIC: Bearizona's Rocky Mountain Goats

I still want to see these Rocky Mountain Goats on the side of the road on a future Going-to-the-Sun Road adventure one day!

Dall Sheep

They're usually found in the mountain ranges of Alaska and can live between 16-19 years although a 12 year old sheep is considered quite old. (Source: Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game)

PIC: Bearizona's Dall Sheep

Abert’s Squirrel

First time I’ve ever seen an Abert’s Squirrel. Check out his big ears! They can be found anywhere where there are Ponderosa pine trees where they dine on its cones, buds and twigs as well as fungus and tree sap. (Source:

PIC: Bearizona's Abert’s Squirrel

150 acres of Bearizona, each area is divided by fences like this. Looks like this area could be a scene on a future Walking Dead episode.

White Bison and American Bison

PIC: Bearizona's White Bison and American Bison

PIC: Bearizona's White Bison and American Bison

Black Bear

Reminders all over to keep windows and doors shut. But, I think we forgot about the last bit - "Move Along If Bear Approach." There was this one bear that walked away from the rest to find a quiet spot. Content in sitting up, smelling the air and enjoy alone time before he settled down for a nap.

PIC: Bearizona's Black Bear warning signs for your safety

High Country Raptors Show

3:00pm Bird Show still gives you time to go through the park again afterwards.

Harris Hawk & American Kestrel

PIC: Bearizona's Harris Hawk and American Kestrel

European Eagle Owl

PIC: Bearizona's European Eagle Owl

PIC: Bearizona's European Eagle Owl

Barn Owl

PIC: Bearizona's Barn Owl

Favorite Experience with the Alaskan Tundra and Arctic Wolves

Arctic Wolf - ( also known as a polar wolf or white wolf. ( They live primarily in the Arctic, the region located above 67° North latitude.

  • Food Habits: moose, reindeer, rabbits and other small mammals.
  • Weighs: 50-175lbs.
  • Length: 34-51in. (nose to tail)

PIC: Bearizona's Alaskan Tundra and Arctic Wolves

Alaskan Tundra Wolf - ( resides in the tundra regions along the Arctic coast of northern Alaska.

  • Food Habits: deer, smaller animals and vegetation.
  • Weighs: 80-176lbs.
  • Length: 50-64in. (nose to tail)

PIC: Bearizona's Alaskan Tundra and Arctic Wolves

PIC: Bearizona's Alaskan Tundra and Arctic Wolves

PIC: Bearizona's Alaskan Tundra and Arctic Wolves

Amazing Up Close And Personal Experience!

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