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Wild West Outlaws And Lawmen of the 1800s (Tombstone, Arizona)

Wild West Outlaws And Lawmen of the 1800s (Tombstone, Arizona)
  • On November 23, 2013

Grew up watching Westerns like: Terence Hill– They Call Me Trinity, Robert Conrad– The Wild Wild West, Bonanza, 3:10 to Yuma, both Tombstone and Wyatt Earp. We were curious about Tombstone. I expected something similar to the Pioneer Village, in Phoenix, but if you take time to read all the placards you can imagine the rough & dangerous life they led.

Entering Tombstone

• Elevation: 4539
• Founded: 1879

Points of Interests

• Crystal Palace Saloon
• Bird Cage Theatre Museum
• O.K. Corral
• Epitaph Newspaper Office
• Boothill Graveyard


41-43°F, Raining

Distance Traveled:

~120 miles roundtrip from Voyager RV Resort

Walking Around Town

Tombstone: A Town Too Tough to Die

Streets look deserted.. like it’s high noon. Imagine the gunfights that happened on these streets!

Tombstone: The streets of...

Tombstone: The streets of...

Tombstone: Curly Bill Brocius Killed marshal Fred White Here.

Purchased some great spices at the "Vinegar and Oil Co." and would recommend a visit.

Tombstone: Vinegar and Oil Co.

What’s interesting at The Tombstone Epitaph? You can find a map of “Geronimo’s Life and Land.” A great read!

The Tombstone Epitaph

Tombstone Epitaph -Maya

Tombstone Epitaph -Bill

O.K. Corral

O.K. Corral Entrance

O.K. Corral Entrance -Bill

Tombstone: Bill walking through saloon doors

Tombstone: Maya on the saddle Photo-op

Bill says, “I may have fit in those days… look at the bowed legs! Looks like I rode a horse all my life.”

Tombstone: Bill on the saddle pretending to bull ride

Gunfight Site

Gunfight Site

Prostitution was perfectly legal in Arizona in the 1880s. Did you know both Whyatt Earp’s second wife and Doc Holliday’s girlfriend worked in the world’s oldest profession? Here’s a picture of what they called the “prostitute’s crib.”

Tombstone: Prostitute's Crib

Tombstone: Total Wreck Saloon -Maya

The Surrey was the most popular form of family transportation until the automobile came into the picture.

Tombstone: Bill in a Surrey

We pretend to be cowboys and try to lasso a bull. Yeah, we need more practice!

Tombstone: Trying to Lasso a Cow -Maya

Tombstone: Trying to Lasso a Cow -Bill

Passing Time in Tombstone

Tombstone: Playing Poker

Tombstone: Making Sure the Dealer are Honest

The Frontier Game of Choice: Faro (sometimes spelled pharo, pharoah or pharaon)… the West’s most played casino card game.

Boothill Graveyard

I don’t think many people who lived or passed through Tombstone died of natural causes. Some tombstones here read: Killed. Killed Playing Cards. Murdered. Hanged by Mistake. Lynched.

Boothill Graveyard

Boothill Graveyard

Boothill Graveyard

Boothill Graveyard

Dining in Tombstone

Tombstone: Longhorn Restaurant

This town ain’t big enough for the both of us… Lol…

Tombstone: Golden Eagle Brewery

Tombstone: Crystal Saloon Palace

Looks like Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp grabbed the town’s happiest outlaw!

Tombstone: Actors at Crystal Saloon Palace

Tombstone: Dinner at Crystal Saloon Palace -Maya

Complete Photo Gallery

Touring Tombstone

QUESTION: What’s the best Western film you’ve ever watched?

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