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SUP and Wild Horses on the Salt River (Mesa, AZ)

SUP and Wild Horses on the Salt River (Mesa, AZ)
  • On September 12, 2020

A great reunion with friends from Hawaii who moved to Phoenix. Wanna know how to love where you live? Explore it and enjoy the outdoors like our friends do.

Only 30 minutes away from an adventure in the Salt River to see wild horses.

(Side Note: History of the Wild Horses at Salt River)

First a quick stop for gas, park pass and a quick bite for our 8:30am morning adventure.

SUP (and for others: kayaking or tubing) down the river requires two cars… especially with the tubing tour companies closed whom normally provide drop off / pick up service.

We drop off one car where we will eventually exit. On Google Maps the parking area is known as the Salt River Tubing Exit.

Off to the jumping off point – Pebble Beach Recreation Area.

Shaded picnic areas where we had our breakfast burritos while pumping air into the SUPs.

Let’s do this!

Special thanks to our friends Jim and Caroline for showing us such a great time!

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