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San Diego Safari Park (Escondido, CA)

San Diego Safari Park (Escondido, CA)
  • On November 4, 2013

Day 2 RV-ing: Today we seek out a specialist to get a tow bar and InvisiBrake® by Roadmaster installed for our Gulfstream Montaj 29H to Mini Cooper. They’ll need our vehicles all day. How to pass the time? A day at San Diego Safari Park with Billy Jr. where we really enjoy the Ring-tailed Lemur Walk and Pygmy Falcon encounter.


15500 San Pasqual Valley Road
Escondido, CA 92027

San Diego Safari Park



Mostly Cloudy – High 61°

Distance Traveled

~34 miles one-way from Mission Bay RV Resort

1,800 acres and no crowds on this November morning.

California Condor

With a wing span as long as 10 feet and top speeds as high as 56mph, can you imagine the sound of this North American scavenger when it sores around you?! They’ve been known to soar 15,000 feet high.

Western Lowland Gorilla

Big Daddy vs Juvenile.

He probably doesn’t have to act out those rapid-fire chest beats to announce to all that he’s patriarch.

Lorikeet Landing

Lemur Walk

Egyptian Vulture

Considered an Old World Vulture. Check out the difference between between Old World vs New World.

Weaver Bird Hanging Nest

Weaver Birds are the craftiest birds around! Male weavers are so romantic and take me back to that nostalgic era where the men provide that white picket fence, secure home and warm house. Yup, the better builder brings home the girl!

"There are an incredible 57 species of weavers and all have their own styles and strategies for building elaborate nests, but no matter the various styles or materials used, all are mind-blowing." –TreeHugger


For its size, the pygmy falcon is a fairly powerful predator.

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San Diego Safari Park

QUESTION: What’s your favorite animal at the zoo or safari park you’ve visited?

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  1. Those Lemurs remind me of the movie: Madagascar

    • Maya

      Who knew .. the same actor in Brüno could be a great voice for the Lemur King! Animated movies do such a great job adding or highlighting the personality of animals!

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