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January 2, 2019
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Riding for Beginners: Polaris Rzr Side by Side

QUESTION: Can you recall a memorable off-roading experience?

Our 1st off-roading joyride on our 2015 Polaris Rzr 1000 XP 4. Excited to go with our neighbor who owns a side by side. Bill recently installed a horn and license plate kit so we can eventually make it street legal. We're interested to learn how it rides on grass, gravel and sand. Here's how it went.


  • SAFETY: Unlike ATVs, we're seat belted in, there's handlebars for passengers, and we're inside a roll cage.
  • COMFORT: The bucket seats are more comfortable than the seats on a flight on Frontier or Spirit Airlines.
  • PROTECTION: We rode through areas that brushed up on bushes and trees. Unlike an being on an ATV, our legs nor arms didn't get scratched up because our UTV had doors and a diamond plated aluminum roof.
  • SOCIAL: Our UTV holds 4 people and some hold 6 passengers. It's always nice to share the experience and adventure. But it's also a good idea to ride in a group to get familiar with trails and for those 'Just Incase, Emergency Situations'


BUCKLE UP. Every Trip. Every Time!

Thankfully, no one was injured on this outing. The seat belts worked great giving us even more confidence in them. It was good there was a group of us that could lift the Polaris back on its feet!

Amazingly... on this particular outing, we had to replace the horn as we rode through high water. Plus, two parts that broke off (1) Windshield Window Clamp (2) Switch Hole Block Off Plate

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