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REVIEW: Tampa Lowry Park Zoo

REVIEW: Tampa Lowry Park Zoo
  • On September 20, 2017

If you’re patient enough to stay in one place and observe the animals, you typically can witness some different behaviors on every visit… especially for any newborns (i.e. on our visit – the orangutan newborns) at the zoo. We have an annual pass… only $129 / 2-person and there’s so much to see still after only two(2) visits so far this season. There hasn’t been a crowd yet as we’ve visited on weekdays.


1101 W Sligh Ave
Tampa, FL


$32.95 / per person. – Special: Pay for a Day, Come Back the Rest of the Year!
$129.00 2ppl – Membership for two

Tampa Lowry Park Zoo: Orangutan

Review: Tampa Lowry Park Zoo

Tampa Lowry Park Zoo: LorikeetsTampa Lowry Park Zoo: Lorikeets

Feed The Lorikeets for $5. Know, the lorikeets love rings, shiny things, earrings and bite at them.
So much variety of birds freely flying around in an aviary.


Tampa Lowry Park Zoo: Rescued Manatee

There’s an air-conditioned indoor viewing area to see the Manatees


(1) I like hiding under the Florida sun with an umbrella
(2) Camouflage yourself from the mosquitos with bug spray
(3) Camera with a nice zoom

Walking around mostly on flat walkways (unlike San Diego Zoo on 100 acres of hillside within Balboa Park). For a smaller zoo at 56 acres, you can’t compare it to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo (free in Washington, DC) at 163 acres but Tampa does alright!

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Tampa Lowry Park Zoo

QUESTION: Do you have a favorite zoo?

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