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Review: Seeker’s Hive – Vacation Home Rental (Orchidland, Big Island)

Review: Seeker’s Hive – Vacation Home Rental (Orchidland, Big Island)
  • On October 31, 2014

Centrally located between Hilo and Kalapana on the East side of the Big Island, we had chosen Seeker’s Hive – A Home Away From Home. We rented the Pele Room for $49/night. Glad we did and in the future will rent again from these salt-of-the-earth hosts: Jay, Vijay and Sangeeth. They had just recently moved to the Big Island from Minnesota so they shared their passion for their new home!

Before arriving, our hosts recommended we visit the Safeway or Walmart in Hilo for supplies – as they offer a full kitchen plus BBQ grill and a few toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, etc.), if needed.

You safely park inside their gated lot.

PIC: Seeker's Hive: Parking

And immediately you’ll enjoy the surroundings of their beautifully landscaped property of fruit orchards and a tropical garden.

PIC: Seeker's Hive: Fruit Orchards and Tropical Garden

We arrived around 8:00pm from travels from New York’s JFK to Honolulu International then to Hilo Airport. We kept communicating with them throughout to let them know of our travel progress. When we arrived, they were there to greet us and show us around the property.

As it is common practice in most of Hawaii, you’ll see a gathering of shoes outside the house. It really keeps the house clean.

PIC: Seeker's Hive: Kindly leave footwear outside. Mahalo!

No need to fiddle with keys here as they have a keyless combination door knob. Convenient!

PIC: Seeker's Hive: Keyless Entry Door Knob

The most comfortable bed from our travels Hilo-side of the Big Island! This was a new property and everything was spick and span new! Felt really spacious with the vaulted ceilings and you can control the temperature with having the louver windows open along with turning on the ceiling fan.

PIC: Seeker's Hive - Pele Room

Not only were the towels soft but they had even thought down to the details of their comfy bath mat! We felt so at home and cozy there.

PIC: Seeker's Hive: Bathroom

PIC: Seeker's Hive: Bathroom

When you travel and rent accommodations via vacation home rentals, they usually provide “House Rules” that are easy enough to follow.

We enjoyed our morning coffee, dining and high-speed internet time at their charming Pergola. (Note: When rain is at a down pour, satellite internet & TV slow down or come to a halt. Also, sunrise/sunset are mosquito times so it’s a good idea to bring along your choice of mosquito spray. Although the property didn’t have many, they find me!)

PIC: Seeker's Hive - Pergola

PIC: Seeker's Hive - Pergola

We put our cooking supplies here. They kept the kitchen separate from their living space to keep bugs (ants, roaches, etc.) from invading. Great idea actually! This side of the island is more country!

PIC: Seeker's Hive - All Purpose Room - kitchen, laundry...

The hosts left us fresh fruits from their orchard.

PIC: Seeker's Hive - Fresh Fruits from their Orchard

We really enjoyed our stay in the Pele Room and it truly was a “Home Away From Home” with gracious hosts. Ask them about their wildlife photography trip to Africa. They have great stories!

PIC: Seeker's Hive - Garden Slug

PIC: Seeker's Hive - Bird Watching

PIC: Seeker's Hive - Bird Watching

More Info:

Reservations: (808) 313-1111

QUESTION: When you travel do you like staying at hostels, hotels or vacation homes?

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  1. Rose and Dave

    Thank you so much for the awesome service and for being such wonderful hosts. We are so use to the hectic busy city life in the main land and when we booked our room we were extremely excited. Oh, but all changed when we got here our first day. The scenery is beyond beautiful, its peaceful and i would recommend Seeker’s Hive to any of my family and friends. Thank you again for making our stay comfortable and memorable! I will never forget it here.

    • Maya

      Rose and Dave – glad you also enjoyed the same place we visited on a trip to the Big Island… but, I think you should email the host of Seeker’s Hive directly. This blog post is just my review of our experience.

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