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Pioneer Living History Village (Phoenix, AZ)

Pioneer Living History Village (Phoenix, AZ)
  • On November 15, 2013

“…over 90 acres of an old 1800’s town…blacksmith shop, sheriff’s office and jail, to Victorian ladies… take a step back in time,” say the Pioneer Village website. It takes about 2 hours to walk around this Western town, including attending a short gunfight show. Our stroll in this dusty, desert landscape reminded me a lot of the TV series, Little House in the Prairie, I grew up watching.

PIC: Pioneer Living History Village - sign


3901 W. Pioneer Road
Phoenix, AZ 85086

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What to Bring

– Comfortable Shoes
– Umbrella for shade

The parking area was perfect for RVers. After exploring the village, we took the time to have a late lunch before getting back on the road towards our next home – Monte Vista RV Resort.

A popular destination for school groups and family outings.

PIC: Pioneer Living History Village - entrance

Step Back into the 1800s

$0.25 for Hot Baths… I bet it was worth every penny to rinse away all the dust and sweat from the day-to-day Arizona lifestyle.

General Store – The Walmart of its day as it’s also a gun shop.

I can only imagine traveling via wagon. How bumpy it would be… how air-conditioning was made depending on the speed of your horses or how long it would take to get from point A to B back in the day. I thought an average speed of 55mph via RV was laid-back travel. This looks like a Prairie Schooner vs the more popular Conestoga Wagon.

Oriental Cafe – “1865 Transcontinental Railroad – Chinese men began selling food and doing menial services, work traditionally done by women in that era. Setting up makeshift restaurants, providing care for children, and laundering became flourishing businesses. nto this wild western territory not many Chinese women dared to venture. Most who did were in the sex trade.” –Golden Venture Movie

PIC: Oriental Cafe at Pioneer Living History Village

Ranchers’ Homes

Where Bill would work.

Old Mining Town area of Pioneer Village

Getting ready to watch the gunfight

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Pioneer Village (Phoenix, AZ)

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