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Off Roading: Stumbled Upon the United Oatman Mine (Arizona)

Off Roading: Stumbled Upon the United Oatman Mine (Arizona)
  • On March 31, 2020

Went exploring about ~15 miles from home on the Polaris Rzr to get some fresh air. Blessed that social distancing is easy to practice when you’re outdoors in our area… simply, because there’s lots of land to spread out and there aren’t as many people as you find in the big cities. On this ride, we discovered the United Oatman Mine. In one word – creepy!


Partly Sunny in the mid-70s


Rocky parts but Easy trail


Surrounded by the Mountains

Nature Encounters:

Spotted 3 solitary burros


While exploring we ran into two trails that were closed / deadends… probably now part of a Wildlife Sanctuary or managed by Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The trail ends for the Polaris due to erosion, so we hike up on foot.

Love exploring with not a soul in sight!

Bill coaxing me into explore the cave with him.

We probably only explored 20 yards or so in. It just seemed to keep going.

Looking for burros and snakes. Fortunately, none found in the tunnel. But I still recommended we return with headlamps and maybe a group of brave people who want to also explore the tunnel. It’s just getting too creepy!

Until next time.

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