Halloween Activity: Shooting Zombies on a Paintball Hayride (Lakeland, FL)
May 24, 2021
Sunset at the Sundial Bridge (Redding, CA)
May 26, 2021
Halloween Activity: Shooting Zombies on a Paintball Hayride (Lakeland, FL)
May 24, 2021
Sunset at the Sundial Bridge (Redding, CA)
May 26, 2021

Lassen Volcanic National Park

QUESTION: Which National Parks are your favorite?

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Checked the Weather app:  
Lassen National Park: 53°F - 65°F
Redding, CA: 57°F - 90°F
Perfect weather for sightseeing and escaping the high heats of the day!

Starting our day for adventure at 7:40am with a visit to Sweetie’s Cafe & Catering (Redding, CA). Happy to have a good breakfast to fuel ourselves.

Having both been fully vaccinated, it was refreshing no masks were required at Sweetie’s. Bellies full, off to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

First photo-ops at the National Park signs:

Park map and info from the park ranger:

Five Spots We Explored in Lassen Volcanic National Park

1. Manzanita Lake – Immediately after the national park entrance and showing our National Park Lifetime pass, we pulled aside to take a quick snap of Manzanita Lake which usually offers swimming, kayaking, boating, fishing, and a 1.6 mile hiking trail that loops around the lake but we kept going.

2. Lake Helen located at the base of Lassen Peak, we pulled over at Lake Helen. The snow and ice can stay here into mid-summer. It a sight not to miss, even frozen.

This late day in May, this is what the area’s thawing out period looked like:

3. Hike the 3-mile boardwalks of Bumpass Hell Trail for close-up views of boiling mud pots and vivid turquoise pools. Well, that was the plan and main reason for exploring Lassen.

It’s the park’s largest concentration of hydrothermal features. Unfortunately, the trail was still closed due to the snow. We explored the breathtaking viewpoint instead like this boulder that was carried to this spot by a glacier.

4. Enjoy a Scenic View at Emerald Lake

5. Ah, the smell of rotten eggs as you approach the Sulphur Works.

"The Sulphur Works had a long commercial history before it became a part of the national park. An Austrian businessman started a sulphur-mining operation here in 1865, but when demand for sulphur slowed, the businessman switched to tourism. ‘Supan’s Springs’ became the place to go to enjoy a hot mineral bath. It was so popular that by 1941, this site had a gas station, lunchroom, bathhouse, and large restaurant called The Sulphur Works Inn." –Visit California

"...standing in the middle of an ancient volcano called Mt. Tehama (also referred to as Brokeoff Volcano) that towered 11,000 feet high half a million years ago." –Sierra Nevada Tourism

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