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June 2, 2021
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August 25, 2021

Fishing for Rainbow Trout in Oregon

QUESTION: Freshwater or Saltwater Fishing? Which do you enjoy most?

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The Rocky Point Resort Store had these lures called, "The Original Hookup Baits." They said it works for this area so, we're giving it a shot.

Trout #1: We started our fishing adventure on May 31... getting familiar with the two docks here at River Point Resort. So convenient as both docks are probably only 30-50 steps away. The river that leads to the Recreation Creek here is pretty shallow. Great for canoeing. We really enjoyed the backdrops.

I did catch a trout at 12:10pm. I call it catch & release because the fish had the lure right on his mouth... not really hooked. As I reeled him to the surface, I noticed and actually said aloud, "If he lets go... he's probably not really hooked. It's right on his mouth." Jinx!!! He did let go.

Trout #2: June 3 at 9:30am hooked another trout. This time, he was so heavy he broke the fishing line. We still didn't own a fishing net to help get the fish on the dock. That could've helped. After losing yet another trout, Bill had an impulse buy. Off to our campsite's store to buy a net. All they had at the RV store was so small and it was a whopping $30.

And the second one that got away:

Trout #3: "Third Time is the Charm?!" We purchased a variety of trout casting spoons at Walmart. A few days of no luck trying something new we went back with the ol' reliable - Hookup Baits. June 5: probably 15-20 minutes into fishing, at 5:45pm, I hooked a trout. This time, Bill had the net but still almost loses him on the dock as it floundered around. So slippery! The net we had was really just too small for the size fish we caught.

Bill was so excited to grill up fish for dinner tonight!

This trout was going to be too much for just the two of us. We shared our spoils with a young traveling couple - Tyler and Ester (originally, from Kenya) who lives in San Francisco and were also on a nice roadtrip before going back to college.

After dinner, Tyler and Ester shared their campfire. A worker at Rocky Point Resort, Jeri also joined in. We all talked story until 10pm. It was a great evening around the campfire and stars.


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