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Explore Hawaii: Hiking – Kawa’ewa’e

Explore Hawaii: Hiking – Kawa’ewa’e
  • On April 30, 2016

First Time: Another great hike with Hawaii Trail and Mountain Club. Starts at the Friendship Gardens in Kaneohe. The hike offers great views of Kane’ohe and the bay, Coconut Island (aka Gilligan’s Island), Pali Notches, Stairway to Heaven, and the Mokes. Fortunately, this day’s hike offered great weather of partly cloudy skies with refreshing breezes on the ridge.

Maya and Bill on the Trail
Maya Tree Arch
Bill Tree Arch
Stairway to Heaven backdrop
The Mokes in the backdrop
Heeia Pond in the backdrop
Selfies with Gilligan's Island in the backdrop
Gilligan's Island
Bill in distance going down hill
Maya and Bill selfie
Maya and Bill selfie
Maya and Bill selfie
Mokolea Rock in the backdrop
Pali Notches in the backdrop
Bill - going back down
Bill - going back down with rope
plant life
plant life
plant life
Friendship Garden entrance

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Hiking: Kawa’ewa’e Ridge Trail

QUESTION: Where are some of your favorite hikes?

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