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Explore Hawaii: Hiking – Hanauma Bay Rim Trail (Closed Area)

Explore Hawaii: Hiking – Hanauma Bay Rim Trail (Closed Area)
  • On September 16, 2013

Small surf today so after waking up at 8am, having coffee and breakfast of canned tuna and rice, we’re off on a new hiking adventure. Oh, only about 3,000 visitors to Hanauma Bay on a daily basis (except Tuesdays) but how many know about the hike there. We’ve heard about Hanauma Bay Rim Trail and wanted to check it out. We stopped at Safeway for Gatorade and Ahi Poke to keep in the cooler. We know we’ll need snacks after the hike. Tip: Bring or wear your swimwear. Since you’ll pay $1.00 to park at Hanauma Bay, you may decide to go for a refreshing snorkel or swim and chill at the bay for awhile (admission $7.50/pp).

First time, I’ve seen or noticed this plant. What is it?

Paved hike in the beginning with a nice breeze today but still scorching Hot!! Note to Self: 11am’ish isn’t the best time for a hike but that’s the price you pay when you take your time waking up.

Really nice view of last week’s hike: Koko Head where my legs were sore for 3 days (a good sore).

I’ve only been to the bay 1x in my 5 years in Oahu.

Off the paved portion to the trail. A few others hiking with flip flops so I’d say this is a beginner hike… and to some – intermediate – only for the terrain and steepness in some areas.

Ahhhhh… What a sight! Love the breeze, too.

Only after hiking did I realize this is the same area of the fabled rock bridge.

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