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Explore Hawaii: Amazing Hidden Local Swimming Hole

Explore Hawaii: Amazing Hidden Local Swimming Hole
  • On January 8, 2016

Why It’s Awesome: The only way to learn about how to get there is from locals. There’s really nowhere to park to start the hike into the valley. We knew someone who lived nearby for a parking spot. Although relatively easy to hike (a dense green trail with a slight upslope and stream crossings), the difficulty comes from meandering through the trail and knowing which way to turn.


Secret Pond


~1.5 – 2.0 miles one-way


569 – 596 feet


A chilling dip in a secluded pond

Into the valley we go…

How can Bill only bring a towel. What we really needed and forgot to bring was the mosquito repellent. I did wear my Insect Shield outfit though.

Stream crossings… beautiful!

Climbing this boulder… just because. Wouldn’t you?!

The only reason I spotted the pond, was by standing on a boulder and seeing only a sliver of where it could be located. It actually gave me the perfect glimpse of the pond.

Taking the plunge… brrrr!

Recovering from the heat of the hike.


Complete Photo Gallery

Secret Pond in Oahu

QUESTION: What hidden gems are in your neighborhood?

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