Eating Out: Langosta Beach Club Restaurant with a View (Tamarindo, Costa Rica)
May 5, 2019
A Talented Organist and One Woman Band – Beni Obcemea
May 6, 2019

Day Trip from Tamarindo to Visit Playa Flamingo (Costa Rica)

QUESTION: What are some of your favorite beaches in Costa Rica? Why?

Today, we simply wanted a relaxing day as the tides weren’t right for surfing in Tamarindo. In our research before visiting Costa Rica, we remember Playa Flamingo being known for its brilliant white sand and turquoise water. With only a 30min. drive from Tamarindo, we checked it out for ourselves.

I don't know if it was the norm or if it was because we are traveling here during non-peak season, but there was ample amount of space to spread out from other visitors. On this day, there might have been only 10 other people on the beach.

We arrived at a fairly shaded spot. Conveniently, Best Western Tamarindo provided us a few complimentary chairs and cooler.

Prior to traveling to Costa Rica, I had purchased an air lounger by (Affiliate Link) Chillbo Shwaggins. Here we are trying it out for the first time. Also new, my (Affiliate Link) RipSkirt which makes a great cover up, summer skirt.

A breeze made it easy to inflate the air lounger. Works even better with two people sitting on it.

Oh boy, fresh coconut vendors walking on the beach. I never say, "No" to fresh coconut ($2 - virgin, $5 - crazy coconut with pina mix and rum). Conveniently, the tree made for a great bar.


Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant

Located across Brasilito Beach and later we find out we were also only a 15-minute walk to Playa Conchal from here.

We both made it easy on our waiter ordering Arroz con Pollo. Great prices compared to Tamarindo, too (¢4500 CRC = $7.71)!

A great way to end our day trip to this beach.

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