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App Review: Boom 2 – Mac Volume Booster

App Review: Boom 2 – Mac Volume Booster
  • On February 3, 2015

In efforts of packing smart and traveling light with the Carry-On Only Movement (i.e. Western Caribbean and South Africa), I opted to leave my JBL Flip 2 wireless, portable speakers at home. If you’re a Macbook owner, you know how disappointing the speakers are. There just isn’t that oomph to enjoy iTunes and movies on the Mac. No longer! Boom 2 was well worth – $14.99.

Boom 2 = Music to My Ears

Can’t believe I’ve only discovered Boom just recently. I’ve owned a Macbook since 2009… on my 2nd mid-2014 Macbook now. This sound booster Mac App was first released in 2011 now "perfectly complements the latest OS X Yosemite." Install and everything else is automatic. You don’t have to learn anything to enjoy this app instantly!

A few reasons why I’m so behind:

  • Are you a Kickstarter type where you have to get the latest and greatest or do you wait for a company to get all the kinks out of its products then buy? In this case, I guess I’m the latter type.
  • Who’s with me when I say, "It’s so hard to keep up with technology."
  • I got complacent and accepted that fact that laptop speakers typically suck without external speakers.

Go get Boom 2 for your Mac today and make your Mac a Boom Box and say goodbye to relying on wearing your headphones, headsets and earbuds for quality sound.

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