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Day 2: Via delle Quattro Fontane (Rome, Italy)

Day 2: Via delle Quattro Fontane (Rome, Italy)
  • On August 11, 2011

After a much needed nap from a full day of exploring, walking, and sweating around the Presidential PalaceTrajan’s Column, Santa Maria in Aracoeli, the Roman Forum… we did as the Romans do, got up to eat a late, late, late dinner! 10:00PM we stroll down Via Nazionale (where Hotel Artemide’s located), and continue on Via delle Quattro Fontane until we meet the cross section of  Via Del Quirinale and Via XX Settembre to find this sight / landmark:

Via delle Quattro Fontane – “The name came from the complex of fountains that adorns it at the crossroads of Via XX Settembre and Via del Quirinale. At this point there are four large statues on each corner of the crossroads that represent two rivers, the Arno and Tiber, the goddess Diana and the god Juno” (via Home and Abroad)

Had to setup the tripod for these pitchdark shots!

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