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Hanging Dryer with Personality – IKEA’s Pressa

Photo of: Ikea Pressa Hanging Dryer
  • On November 6, 2013

It’s an octopus… no… it’s a hanging clothes line! It comes in 3 colors. It has 16 clothes clips and will hang perfectly in our RV shower for those delicate or hand wash only fabrics not good for dryers.

Featured Photo by: Ikea

Figuring out where and how to hang it. We had extra red twine laying around. Coincidentally… doesn’t it match well with the red octopus?! Typically, we have our laundry bags sitting in the shower but take it out when we have to drip dry things.

With a recent day surfing California’s colder waters and being a good girl finally getting to my laundry, I had an opportunity to test my new purchase. Eureka!!! Works like a charm. Plus, I don’t have to have my personals hanging outdoors I’ve seen at RV Resorts.

QUESTION: Do you air dry your clothes outside your RV? Do you still use a clothesline and clothes pins?


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